York Radiology Goes Digital with Hologic Selenia Digital

Posted on September 13, 2012

We recently went digital in Mammography with the installation of the Hologic Selenia Digital system. Hologic is considered the Gold Standard in Mammography globally. Because of its prohibitive high capital cost it is found almost exclusively in hospital Imaging Departments.

Our decision to implement digital Breast Imaging and the Hologic Selenia was based on the following:

·     Superior image quality in comparison to plain film – Selenia uses a direct conversion detector which eliminates the need to convert x-rays to light resulting in exceptionally sharp images, better contrast and greater consistency

·     Lower Patient dose – The high transmission cellular grid technology produces images with reduced radiation scatter without increasing patient dose

·     Better workflow- technologists do not have to leave the patient’s side to check film – they have the ability to view and compare previous and current images in the examining room

·     More accurate patient positioning – technologist has the ability to respond immediately to positioning and exposure needs as they compare current and previous images on their workstation

·     The Radiologist reading workstation – Secureview provides the Radiologist with superior tools to diagnosis and interpretation, thus allowing better quality Womens health

This reflects our commitment to providing the absolute best possible diagnostic quality and service to your patients.

By implementing digital Breast Imaging we have increased our throughput of patient’s – diagnostic and routine screening. Our appointment wait times have improved and are expected to improve even further. Please call the clinic for appointments.