Exam: X-Ray

X-Ray Description

An x-ray examination is a test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. There are two methods of imaging available today:

  • Conventional radiography uses radiation to produce a black and white image on film
  • Digital radiography also uses radiation but digital sensors produce digital images that are viewed on a computer monitor

Advantages of using digital imaging include the ability to enhance and transfer images, to store the images electronically and to reduce the report turnaround time for our referring physicians.

  • Patients must present a signed requisition form from their doctor as well as a valid OHIP card.
  • Patients may be required to remove some of their clothing. They will be given a gown and then escorted by the technologist to the x-ray examination room.
  • Our facility uses digital imaging so most examinations are done quickly in the standing position with little or no discomfort for the patient.
  • Reports are sent electronically to the referring doctor within 24 hours of the examination.


There is no preparation for a general x-ray examination.