Exam: Mammography

Mammography Description

Duration: 0.33 hour(s)

Mammography is an x-ray examination of your breast. Mammograms are used as a screening tool for non symptomatic women and also to detect and diagnose breast disease in women experiencing symptoms.

Two types of imaging are currently being used:

  • conventional radiography which uses x-ray film and
  • digital mammography which uses digital sensors to create digital images

There are a number of advantages to using digital mammography:

  • images are seen and evaluated immediately by the technologist
  • images are digitally transmitted to the Radiologist for interpretation and can be enlarged and/or enhanced for clearer visualization and
  • images can be electronically stored and retrieved for comparison when needed.

Patients are required to change into a gown. The procedure is performed standing up. When in the examination room the technologist will place your breast on a small platform and use a clear plastic paddle to compress the breast tissue for the exposure. The pressure is released automatically at the end of the exposure. There may be slight discomfort when performing the examination.

If any abnormality is noticed the patient will be recalled for further work-up which may include a breast ultrasound and / or additional breast x-ray images.

We also offer our patients the option of participating in the Ontario Breast Screening Program(OBSP). Patients who are eligible may have a screening mammogram every one to two years without seeing their doctors. They will also receive a copy of their report and a reminder of their next appointment.

Eligibility criteria to be part of the OBSP include:

  • Must be over the age of 50
  • Not have any breast implants
  • No previous history of breast cancer
  • No current breast abnormality


Patients are asked not to wear any powder, deodorant, lotion or perfume on the breast and underarm area.